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The data obtained for the case study is obtained from sources reliable as personal cards, interviews, autobiography, and data from testing, medical records, homeroom, teachers, other staff and the guidance of others who have long known the student. In general, the data and information required in the case studies include: identity, background, physical accretion history, education history, and the results of the evaluation study, the data of testing, interests, future plans, social networking and other data related to difficulties that exist today. Once the data is relevant and significant collection, the counselors choose one of the summaries of the history of life, connecting the data with each other to discover the origins of the problems that arise in the present, to formulate interpretations based on professional considerations, and provide recommendations on the follow-up.

Case reports must be systematically arranged, clearly written, comprehensive and free of subjectivity that is not fair. As the foundation of the social sciences, it is natural that the case study is not arbitrary in the making, because it requires foresight in drafting, data authenticity respondents, and compiled with the official format but easily understood by the reader. If you feel any difficulty in preparing case reports, then do not despair, and leave it to the experts, that the Superior Papers. Superior Papers is online writing services from Australia who is very experienced in handling a wide range of writing assignments, both for the students, the teachers, and also to the general public. With professional service, friendly, non-stop for 24 hours/day, and the writings of the original, then we’ll get good results. For more information, please go to the website located at